If NBC covered…

… the NCAA tournament, they would only cover games from one seeded teams with highlights from other games interspersed.  They wouldn’t cover the games live but instead would tape delay everything and interrupt game coverage to talk about some random player’s backstory.  But we would get to see the NAIA games live online and on CNBC/msnbc.

… the Super Bowl, we’d find out on ESPN, twitter, NBC online what happened in the game hours before the game was actually aired

… the World Series, they’d still find a way to interrupt the coverage with ice dancing, even if it was Game 5 between Red Sox and Yankees

… the Tour de France, between commercials and human interest stories, we’d only get to see about 15 minutes of actual live racing, and only live if we lived on the East Coast

… the World Cup, they would interrupt games with other games so we’re left wondering what happened in the 15 minutes between cuts.  Last time we saw Poland vs. Germany, the score was 2-1 and now it is 2-3, and we have no idea how that happened.  The announcers act like we should know because from their perspective, we’ve been watching the game the entire time.

… ESPN, we’d only get to see NCAA Division II and lower games on ESPN360.com even after the day’s coverage concluded.

… youtube, we’d have to register our ISP and install Silverlight first before we could view any videos.

Thank God they don’t.

Supposedly, NBC lost money on this year’s games, so maybe ESPN or someone else will get the Olympics for 2014 and beyond.  It would be nice to finally watch any event live or recorded as we wished.

One idea that would be cool is if the Olympics could be covered is like NFL Redzone where there’s nothing but action and they only say enough to help you understand what is going on when switching from freed to feed.  Create two channels… one for women (figure skating / ice dancing) and one for men (skiing / sledding and minus human interest stories), and that would be awesome.


2 thoughts on “If NBC covered…

  1. I think the best option would be to live-stream the next Olympics through Hulu. The best part about this is you could still add The best part of that is that you could do a prerecorded highlight streams and personal interest streams based on people’s preferences.

  2. I really thought after the 2008 Olympics, that’s what would happen this year. Unfortunately, the coverage for the 08 Olympics was much better online than it was this year. The only thing that was better this year was the online streaming video quality.

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