Two photo slideshows on one PC

Today I did some research on how to run two separate full-screen slideshows on separate monitors on a PC/Mac.  It’s aimed at setting up a kiosk that displays pictures constantly on two screens.  I’m passing that research on to you.
  1. ProPresenter is $400 Mac-only software designed to handle all displays and media for the big media-driven churches / worship services.  It is really tremendous overkill for just running 2 slideshows.
  2. Free method of creating slideshows:
    You compile the slideshows into exe files and then start up each slideshow exe and drag to the appropriate monitor.  Downside is that if you want to change the files, you have to recompile the slideshow exe in irfanview.  There is no way to easily automate which slideshow opens on which display without buying Ultramon below.
  3. Ultramon is the cheapest method I’ve found to run a slideshow on multiple monitors.  It’s $40.  It runs the slideshow as a screen saver, and that will be automated on startup so you can have automatic startup to the slideshows

    That Microsoft page describes the Pictures slideshow screensaver.  I didn’t locate that on ultramon’s site.  The Wallpaper Screen Saver might do what you want as well.
    There are many free ways to create custom photo screensavers.  Here is one that would probably work for free:
    Another option is to use irfanview above which can compile to .scr, the Windows screensaver format.

  4. BreezeBrowser is the product that was mentioned on the forum thread on that I found last night at Best Buy.
    It’s $70 w/ free trial
    It’s too bad they don’t sell BreezeViewer seperately because that’s a apparently a separate app included with BreezeBrowser Pro that actually does the slideshows.
    I cannot get it to start up on separate monitors automatically.  This slideshow would have to be run manually.
  5. I tried to make Impress do this, but I can only set one slideshow to run at a time, and if you change the output display on one instance, it changes for the other at the same time.
  6. PowerViewer is mentioned as a PowerPoint Viewer plugin for running presentations on multiple displays.  This is $80.
The cheapest new hardware to do this is an Acer Aspire Revo nettop with VGA and HDMI out.  It’s a $200 Windows XP nettop computer that uses 20-25w.
That’s what my research has found so far.