Is God all I need?

The Chris Tomlin song “More than Enough” has been in my head since it came out. Even though that was several years ago, I’m still interacting with and evaluating it.

It started as an expression of frustration with Christian people who would say things like “Can you imagine what it would be like if X person [usually with a lot of money/power] got saved?” Another would say “Yeah, imagine all the missions work we could do with those resources.”  And I’d respond in my head with “Isn’t God more than enough?  What does He need them to do what He wants?”

More recently, the song has taken a personal bent.  The past year or two, it’s become clear that I don’t really live out “God is more than enough for me.”  In fact, I’ve gotten so far as wondering how I could ever feel that that is true for me.  There are things that I feel I need, and if God was literally all I had, I don’t see how I would feel like that is enough.  Is this phrase hyperbole or should it be true?[quote]

While thinking about this, I have realized that even though I feel like there are things that are missing in my life, I also realized that I can continue on with God.  What He provides and what I experience is what is more than enough.  God has brought me through, and he will do so again.  God is greater than how I feel and what I want, and while I may never reach the point where I really feel that all I need is God, I know that when I have nothing and when I have everything, I will have God.  And that is more than enough.


2 thoughts on “Is God all I need?

  1. I would say the song should be true, but probably the reason it stuck with you for so long (and sticks with lots of other people, too, I’m sure), is because we all need to be constantly reminded of it! I may feel on one day like all I need is God, and the next feel like what I really need is a (earthly) retirement account. I’m sure this is true of many of us. Maybe one day we can reach a point where we conquer all the consumerism and materialism and selfishness in this world…

  2. I’m going to say that your entire walk as a Christian should be a process of reaching a place where God is all that you need, but no one ever reaches it in this life.

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