Honduras 2012

Wendi and I went to Honduras in late April as part of a large medical team joined up from across the USA and even Mexico to serve the Honduran people in any way we could.  Unfortunately, we were part of 19 that could only stay for 1 week instead of 2, but it was still an incredible trip.  The photos certainly don’t tell the whole story, but I tried to take some interesting portraits and action shots throughout

Here is the photo gallery for the Honduras 2012 Missions Trip week 1
I encourage following me then searching for the words “Caption Contest” in the upper right corner search bar (you have to select “People I’m following” from the dropdown) and coming up with your own fun captions.  🙂


This zip file contains 560 edited full-resolution photos from the Honduras mission trip.  It is 1.3 GB.


2 thoughts on “Honduras 2012

  1. Hey Joel,

    Thanks so much for your photos. It’s great to see what other people were experiencing, and with your expert eye. I hope to post a few pictures from the remainder of my time there and will let you and everyone else know.


  2. Hey Joel!! LOVE THE PICTURES!!!! Thanks for sneaking around and taking all of them! haha we may have yelled at you then but we all are thankful now(cept for he one of me fixing my hair. i hate you for that one ;P ) hehe thanks!

    Rafaela(epic female ninja turtle)

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