I’ve been living in Alabama since May 2007.  Before that, I spent 2 years living on the road.  The following page is the complete log of my journey.

This page is ordered from the most recent to the oldest. Some of the entries
have comments and links for notable events.


Tupelo, MS April 1 -April 30 a 2 day drive from Westcliffe to Birmingham, AL ended on
the 3rd day in Tupelo
Westcliffe, CO March 25 – March 30 Located my inner electrician… wired up the top floor and
part of the middle floor for the lodge on Dave Roever’s ranch
Roy, UT March 9 – March 24
Gardnerville, NV Feb 22 – March 9 Sold off my stuff
Birmingham, AL to Gardnerville, NV Feb 19 – Feb 22 Longest, fastest week of the road trip… roughly 2800 mi.
Birmingham, AL Feb 5 – Feb 19 Looked like the beginning of the end
Peoria, IL Jan 31 – Feb 5 Thank you Christine, Cary, and Curt
Liberty, MO fourth week of January
Springfield, MO middle 2 weeks of January Nasty Ice storm and rampant power outages
Birmingham, AL -> Gatlinburg, TN first week of January Genesis Church youth group trip to the Smoky mountains


Tupelo, MS last two weeks of December Celebrated Christmas and New Years
Peoria, IL first two weeks of December
Belleville, KS mid September through November Visited with Grandma in nursing home and after she returned from a broken
Westcliffe, CO 10 days in mid September Helped with forming and pouring a 90′ x 60′ concrete foundation
for a maintenance building on Dave Roever’s ranch
Tupelo, MS a few days in early September Celebrated Granddaddy’s 75th birthday
Ocklawaha, FL second half of August left before Tropical Storm Ernesto
Pensacola, FL first half of August
Cottondale, AL last week of July
Tupelo, MS next to last week of July
Peoria, IL July 13-19 Roofed my sister’s house in 100 degree weather
Springfield, MO July 10-13 Got satellite internet access just after I left
Wichita, KS & Hutchinson, KS July 9-10 Great uncle’s funeral
Springfield, MO June 30 – July 9
Liberty, MO June 28-29
Belleville, KS June
Woodston, KS end of May, beginning of June Woodston Camp, best week of the year (spent a night in Frisco, CO on
way to Woodston)
Ogden, UT couple days near the end of May
Vancouver, WA May 23-27
Gardnerville, NV mid April through the third week of May Sold a bunch of stuff from my storage unit
Ogden, UT April 6-11 Aunt Teri’s wedding
Liberty, MO a few days at the beginning of April Recovery from flight back from Africa
Swaziland, Africa February through beginning of April
Liberty, MO end of January Preparing to leave for Africa
Tupelo, MS third week of January
Longview, TX first two weeks of January Helped David move into his new apartment


Springfield, MO returned from Tupelo until around New Years
Liberty, MO -> Belleville, KS a few days around Christmas Celebrated Christmas with Grandma, Aunt Joyce, and the family
Springfield, MO December until before Christmas
Springfield, MO -> Tupelo, MS a week around Thanksgiving “The
guy with the marble”
Liberty, MO 2nd two weeks of November
Belleville, KS November 4-6 Celebrated Aunt Joyce’s 50th birthday
Dallas, TX
Beaumont, TX Arrived a week after Hurricane Rita. Volunteered at the Salvation Army
and Cathedral in the Pines for hurricane relief. One of the best months
Cottondale, AL Weathered Hurricane Rita here
Tupelo, MS -> New Orleans, LA September 3-7 Helped my aunt move her stuff to Tupelo after Hurricane Katrina. Was
in Jefferson Parish one week after Katrina

Links: Pictures of Katrina devastation. Blog of experience

Cottondale, AL Weathered Hurricane Katrina here
Tupelo, MS
Springfield, MO Cousin’s wedding
Anthony, KS House-sat for Pastor MacKinney during their second honeymoon to Hawaii.
Springfield, MO
Liberty, MO
Woodston, KS Woodston Camp, best week of the year (includes pre-Woodston Colorado
roadtrip with my dad)
Belleville, KS
Springfield, MO May 6-7 My sister’s graduation from Evangel University
Liberty, MO
Rapid City, SD One Day in May Hey, I AM a South Dakota Resident. Sort of.
Ogden, UT Wyoming snowstorm turned me back for an extra couple of days due to travel
on summer tires.

Started in Minden, NV on April 29, 2005


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